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Ken Dixon, Founder and CEO, Relationsmith

Ken Dixon, President and CEO

When Ken Dixon is on the ice coaching youth hockey, he's building his team through effective communication, positioning his players, helping them set realistic expectations, and developing the strategy to reach those goals. And he's skating hard.

He brings that same hard work, vision, and leadership to his work off the ice as well.

Ken is a marketing pro with over 30 years of hands-on company development and management experience. As a Captain in the US Army, Ken learned leadership skills that carried over into management consultancy Booz, Allen and Hamilton and later IBM. He went on to play key roles in several telecommunications and technology start-ups, and he quickly grew Relationsmith into a leading provider of marketing solutions for independent schools, hospitals, and other nonprofits in the northeast.

How did he do it? The same way he leads his hockey team to success on the ice. Ken is adept at understanding people, managing organizational expectations and positioning, and communicating...and he shares the sense of vision that is common among Relationsmith's nonprofit clients.

Dixon is a graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He lives in Connecticut with his family. In addition to volunteering his time as an ice hockey coach and program developer, he can also be seen at the rink playing men's hockey.

At Relationsmith, Ken's not just the CEO. He's the coach. Ken Dixon on LinkedIn

Leslie OBrien, Director of Operations, Relationsmith

Leslie OBrien, Director of Operations

Leslie paid $1 to have her picture taken while this bird in Cozumel, Mexico, took a sunflower seed from her mouth.

Was it because she's an animal lover with a sense of adventure? Maybe. But her pet bird would have done the same for free...and her fear of catching a strange avian disease almost trumped that adventurous spirit.

No, it was for the picture — to capture that moment and turn those same ol' vacation photos into something more interesting. If there's one thing Leslie has learned in her past positions as marketing manager for several enterprise software companies, it's that — even in B2B — a picture is worth a thousand words.

Her experience creating web, email, and social media marketing materials affirmed the impact that creative visuals can add to a marketing campaign, especially in the nonprofit space. In addition to overseeing daily operations at Relationsmith, Leslie takes a hands-on approach to creating evocative digital video and marketing campaigns that help our clients accomplish their goals.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut (go Huskies!), Leslie resides in Connecticut with her family...and a house full of furry friends who would gladly take food from her mouth — for free. And if you've read through the end of this bio, then this Mexican vacation photo has served its purpose. Leslie OBrien on LinkedIn