NYC Reception Celebrates Opportunity

More than three hundred guests helped celebrate the Maqubelas' thirty years of freedom at Groton's New York City reception, September 27. The venue, the American Museum of Natural History, was where Mr. Maqubela first worked after arriving in the U.S. with Mrs. Maqubela and their infant son, following persecution and exile from apartheid-era South Africa.

Besides providing an opportunity to connect with friends and formmates, the evening celebrated the opportunity that NYC provided to the Maqubelas, as well as the opportunity Groton School offers to talented students from varied countries and backgrounds. view photos

22 Participate in GRACE Summer Pilot

Twenty-two participants in the pilot GRACE (GRoton Accelerate Challenge Enrich) program completed four weeks of intense academic work in July that were designed to help them enter tenth grade well prepared and, in some cases, ready to skip ahead to higher-level courses. continued

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Groton Pays Tribute to WWI Hero
The bench has been outside the Schoolhouse since the Form of 1904 dedicated it to their friend, Dillwyn Parrish Starr, after his death in World War I. continued

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For how many collective years have the ten longest-serving current faculty taught Groton students?

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June's Question
Our readers were stumped by June's trivia question, which asked which year concluded without a Prize Day. The answer: 1892, because of an outbreak of chickenpox.

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Where Are They Now?

This new feature honors the powerful and formative impact that Groton teachers have on the student experience.

Judith Klau Former English Department Head, Founder, Jewish Community at Groton

What keeps you busy now?

It's still stories: not just reading the literary variety, but listening to and appreciating the ones told to me by dear friends, old friends. I teach short stories from the New Yorker magazine at the public library in Delray Beach, Florida and volunteer as a factotum at a collection of artists books at Florida Atlantic University. In Boston, I am privileged to live in the South End where a group of activist seniors (aka "The Geezers") meets every Tuesday to discuss culture, politics, and poetry, and to appraise the many restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

What memorable highlight(s) would you like to share from your years since leaving Groton?

Facebook is a marvel that lets me be in touch with many great Grotonians... continued

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October 4, 2016
Boston Reception

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