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A New Act for Groton Theater: 750 Face Shields and Counting
A New Act for Groton Theater: 750 Face Shields and Counting
Medical professionals in eight U.S. states and Washington, DC are better protected from COVID-19 thanks to some ingenuity, drive, and cui servire spirit from Groton’s theater department. 
Brandt Belknap, Groton theater’s technical director, was texting with a friend in San Francisco about her work with COVID-19 patients when her comment triggered an idea.  Brandt had been pondering whether school equipment and his know-how might help with the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). continued
Please send stories of Grotonians helping others during this pandemic to communications@groton.org.
A Groton Embrace for Newly Admitted Students
Groton School is looking forward to welcoming its new students for 2020–21!  Of 1,259 applicants, 11 percent were accepted. Ninety-one new students will join the Circle from the U.S. and all over the world—from Maine to Mexico, from Bulgaria to Egypt. Forty-six percent will receive financial aid.

Travel restrictions and safety concerns forced Groton to cancel receptions and Revisit Days. Helping admitted students make decisions were student "virtual Revisit hosts," @GrotonAdmission on Instagram, and a Choose Groton web page. 

"The whole Groton family—students, faculty, parents, alumni, and trustees—stepped up to help us enroll a very impressive group of applicants," said Dean of Admission Ian Gracey. 
Baking with Reese Witherspoon
Watch Candace Nelson '91, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, bake a giant cookie with Reese Witherspoon.
Braving the COVID Battle,
Without Adequate PPE
Braving the COVID Battle,  Without Adequate PPE
Two years ago, Dr. Moira Sinnott ’00 was filling cavities in children’s teeth, challenged by squirming, anxious toddlers.  continued
In Memory of Hugh Sackett,
Groton's Longest-Serving
Faculty Member
In Memory of Hugh Sackett
Groton School is mourning the loss of its longest-serving faculty member—a teacher and scholar who influenced the lives of generations of students. continued
More News
Keeping Up
the Zebra Spirit
The family of Jack Ehrgott '22 sent these photos from their Easter celebration.
The Groton School Alumni Association cordially invites you to
Groton's Virtual Reunion Presentation

Friday, May 8, 2020 at 5 p.m. ET

To join us via Zoom webinar, please register here.
Headmaster Temba Maqubela:
School update and the presentation of the Distinguished Grotonian and Cui Servire awards

Lydia Cottrell '88, Trustee, President of the Groton Fund: Groton Fund update

Merrill Stubbs Dorman '95, Trustee, President of the Groton School Alumni Association: Athletic Hall of Fame awards

The Rev. Nathaniel W. Pierce '60:
Closing prayer
Alumni Awards

Distinguished Grotonian Award
John B. Goodenough '40

Cui Servire Award
James G. Hicks '80

Athletic Hall of Fame 2020 Inductees
Nicole W. Piasecki '80
1979 Boys Varsity Football Team
1980 Girls Varsity Crew First Boat
Claudia Asano Barcomb '95

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at the school store.

Zebra Tales
Zebra Tales, Groton's Student Blog
Keep up with news and announcements related to COVID-19 at groton.org/coronavirus.
Groton Trivia
In which of the following settings did the Rev. Gil Birney deliver prayers during virtual chapel services this spring?

A. By the ocean
B. By a fire
C. By a river
Submit your answer here. The first correct answer will receive a Groton t-shirt. 
February's Question
Congratulations to Dr. Rebecca R. Klein P'04., who knew that 23% of students received financial aid in 1946.  Today, 42% of the student body receive aid, not including faculty children.
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2019–20 Groton Fund
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