The Gunnery On The Go - January 2008
Politically Speaking
Chris Healy with John McCain 2008 is a defining year in the political world, and no one knows that better Christopher C. Healy '76, State Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party. He, like many others, is rallying behind his candidates hoping for successes in the elections later this year. Chris has served for six years on the State Central Committee, representing both the 30th Senatorial District and the First Senatorial District, which includes Wethersfield and Hartford. He was re-elected in June 2007 for another two year term.

Chris's exposure to politics began at a young age. He was living in New York City with his parents, both active Republicans. "It was a lonely place to be (as a Republican)," he said. "However, they taught me how to stand on your own two feet and articulate your thoughts." [continued]

Broadway Comes to The Gunnery
Patti LuPone The Gunnery's thespians received a special gift when Broadway legend (and Gunnery current parent) Patti LuPone gave a master class for members of The Gunnery Drama Society. During the three hour session, the performers, sang, danced, and spoke their prepared pieces which were critiqued by Ms. LuPone during and after each presentation. The Tony award winner instructed the students in some core principles of acting relating the critiques to her own experiences on stage and in the movies. Then she applied those principles to each student's style and presentation. After her evaluation of each performance, the students were asked to perform their respective pieces again, this time under her direction. The audience and the actors themselves were dazzled by what Ms. LuPone managed to pull out of them. In a few short minutes, she managed to bring them to the top of their game. [continued]

Girls Hockey Overpowers Millbrook
Stephanie Blasnik By Seth Low
Three minutes into the December 5, 2007 game against Millbrook things looked bleak for The Gunnery girls hockey team. In their fourth game of the season, the team let up a goal on a broken play in front of their net 30 seconds after the puck was dropped. Two minutes later, Millbrook added a goal and seemed to have the game well in control. Down 0-2 and shorthanded, senior Stephanie Blasnik picked off a pass in the neutral zone, skated in, and buried a back-handed shot past the Millbrook goalie to cut the lead to one. [continued]

Dorm Cup Challenge
Think of it as Gunnery's answer to the Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Tournament. Started last year, the Dorm Cup Challenge lets each dormitory bond together as a group during ten challenges throughout the academic year. "This is a chance for the kids to have some pride in where they live," said Director of Residence Life, Kate Merritt. "They work and interact with people they normally wouldn't socialize with." Kate meets with the residential advisors at the beginning of the year to brainstorm each challenge.

While not as extreme as Mr. Potter's duel with the fire-breathing dragon, the challenges ask the students to work together through complex yet fun tasks. First, they were asked to design a flag and mascot for their respective dorm. Next, they turned their dormitories into walk through haunted houses. Last month, they participated in a fund raising event for diabetes.

Hogwarts may have had the houses of Gryffindor and Slytheran, but Mr. Gunn's School has Teddy House and Bourne (and nine others). "Every challenge is gender neutral," said Kate. "It doesn't matter how old, big, or smart they are. This is simply about working together."

Celebrating the Holiday Season in Song
Holiday Concert For the second year, The Gunnery chose to celebrate the holiday season musically in two very different ways: with a lively, celebratory presentation of pop and jazz performances in the Emerson Performing Arts Center and with a contemplative, more spiritual approach to the meanings of the season in the Meeting House. The music department under Jennifer Wojcik worked overtime to showcase the Troubadours, the Chorale, World Drumming, the jazz band and the private music and voice students in these contrasting events. [continued]

Stray Shots 2.0 ... Answer
Question for December:
Where was the pictured graffiti scrawled and what inspired the boys who did it?

Answer for December:
On the walls of Hurlburt Dorm shortly before it was sold for $1 and moved to Roxbury Road (Rte. 109) in 1971. David Owen, the current owner and a writer for the New Yorker, uncovered the artwork and keeps it as decoration in an upstairs bedroom. It was copied from a Harvard protest message: learn more.

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Stray Shots 2.0

Name the residences of the
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Davina Perl Beachman '86
Artist and writer, Davina Perl Beachman '86 vividly remembers her young son, George, asking a question upon coming home from school. "What does odd mean," he asked, "Max(at school) says I am odd."Davina was thrown but answered, "Odd means that you are different. That is a wonderful thing." For most of her life, Davina, herself, felt a little odd and quirky. "I always felt like I was different," she said, "but I assumed everyone was like that." She was able to capitalize on her eccentricities as an artist, a writer, a wife, and a mother.

As a young child, Davina lived with her family in New York, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and France. [continued]

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