Online Events — Connection Center

Turnkey online events allow you to connect live with your constituents in a new way!

Revolutionize your plan for Alumni, Admissions, Academic and Administrative events!

Connection Center events offer:

  • Increased visibility for your
    school and community
  • Significant value via knowledge
    transfer and engagement
  • A time- and location- considerate event model
  • Efficient delivery with small carbon footprint.

Our Process

Online Events Promotion

Promotion and Registration

Relationsmith provides outbound marketing support for your event, mailing list coordination, custom registration process, and event reminders.

Online Events Set Up

Set-up, Preparation and Testing

Relationsmith coordinates with your organization's presenter, provides and delivers the necessary hardware and software, and conducts a "dry run" of your event to ensure its success.

Online Events Presentation

Speaker Presentation Delivery

The Connection Center event system provides a dynamic video window of your speaker, a variety of layouts to accomodate your content, polls, and Q&A. A dedicated event moderator ensures a smooth presentation.

Online Events Follow Up

Post-Event Follow-up

Encourage fundraising and other support via post-event emails, and learn more about your audience via custom surveys.

Online Events Custom Website

Custom Archive Website

Your own custom website promotes upcoming events and archives a library of recordings of previous events.

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