UVM CEMS Spire - October 2007
Autumn in Vermont:  A Message from Dean Grasso

Dear alumni, faculty, staff, students, & friends,

We are enjoying a beautiful fall season here in Vermont. The trees are starting to turn and the weather has been nothing short of paradisical. I recently delivered my annual "State of the College" address and would like to share some of the important highlights.

First, after international searches, we are very proud to welcome the following distinguished scholars:
» Bernard (Chip) F. Cole, (Ph.D., Boston University) Professor/ Director of Statistics Program, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics; joins CEMS from Dartmouth, where he was a faculty member.
» Jane Hill, (Ph.D. Yale) Assistant Professor, School of Engineering; joins CEMS from Yale where she was a post-doc in chemical engineering.
» Paul Hines, (Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon) Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, joins CEMS from CMU where he was a post-doc in electrical engineering; and
» John Voight, (Ph.D., UC-Berkeley), Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, joins CEMS from University of Minnesota, where he was a visiting scholar in mathematics.

I am also delighted to report that undergraduate applications have increased by 66% compared to the 2004 academic year to a total of 1554. And our matriculating students are up 54% over the same time period to 200 students, bringing our total enrollment to 738 undergrads. The entering students claimed a combined average verbal and math SAT of 1212, which is 46 points above the University average. I am certain that much of this success can, in large measure, be attributed to the major curriculum reform efforts that are on-going in the College — providing the Vermont advantage for the 21 century.

There are many more exciting accomplishments that can be attributed to our outstanding faculty, students, and staff, and you may read about them in my full address.

On a final note, we are hoping to use Spire as a vehicle to help CEMS alums and Vermont firms better connect around career opportunities. Starting with our next issue, we welcome CEMS alums who are looking to return to Vermont and Vermont firms who are seeking graduates to submit notices of employment that we will publish in forthcoming newsletters. Please send employment information to dan.harvey@uvm.edu.

Thank you for continued interest in and support for our fine College. Together we will build on our proud traditions to lead the way in creating a wonderful future for Vermont and the Nation.

Domenico Grasso, Dean

UVM Students Building Hybrid Race Car
By Tim Johnson, Burlington Free Press

Some automotive design contests for hybrids feature cars that get hundreds of miles to the gallon on long, somnolent test drives at 20 or 30 mph. The contest that the AERO student club has entered is decidedly not one of those.

The hybrid car they are building at the University of Vermont is going to be fast. Zero to 60 in 4 seconds, á la Formula 1. more

Caitlin Hill, Junior Mechanical Engineering Student

Caitlin Hill My name is Caitlin Hill, and I am originally from Ludlow, Vermont. I was offered this opportunity to tell you about my Co-Op assignment with GE Aviation and my amazing experience as an undergraduate in UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematics (CEMS).

I transferred to UVM from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania after my sophomore year. It was not an easy decision, but it did not take long for me to realize that I had made the right one. The opportunities that I have had in one year at UVM tower over the opportunities I had in two years at Lehigh. The relationships I have developed with my professors and the guidance I have received from them has been invaluable. more

UVM CEMS Seniors Take on Real-World Design Projects

For the first time, seniors in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering this Fall are taking a combined "capstone" course. In the past, students in these two Programs have enrolled in separate design projects courses.

While maintaining traditional core features — students working in teams and project-based learning — the new Senior Experience in Engineering Design (SEED for short) challenges our students with more complex and multidisciplinary problems. Their projects are much more typical of the system development initiatives engineers undertake in industry. more

Student Christina McCall: Hard Work Rewarded

Christina McCall Receives Diploma On the morning of Thursday, September 6, an unusual sight could be seen at Fletcher Allen Health Care: a faculty processional lining up outside Austin Auditorium. The auditorium itself was already filled with people — doctors, nurses, family and friends — each of whom had come to witness a momentous event: the graduation of a very special student, Christina McCall, from the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS). more

CEMS Faculty — Prestigious Conferences and Connections!

The vast knowledge and research experience of our faculty bring worldwide recognition to the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS). Our faculty are not only members of prestigious committees but are invited to attend conferences on a variety of topics.

Listed (in alphabetical order) are faculty who have presented or will present at conferences, as well as those with organizational connections:

Daniel Archdeacon, Professor of Mathematics, was an invited speaker for Discrete Mathematics Days held Saturday, September 15, 2007, at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont.

More Faculty Conferences & Connections

UVM Students Building Hybrid Race Car
First Person: Caitlin Hill
Seniors Take on Real-World Design Projects
Student Christina McCall: Hard Work Rewarded
CEMS Faculty — Prestigious Conferences and Connections!
Featured Student:
Andy O'Brien
Featured Faculty Member:
Dr. Jane Hill
Featured Student: Andy O'Brien
Andy O’Brien

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Andy O'Brien joined the Navy after graduating from high school. It was while he was assigned to NATO and living in Italy that he decided to move to Burlington, Vermont. more

Featured Faculty Member: Dr. Jane Hill
Jane Hill

One of the School of Engineering's newest faculty members is Dr. Jane Hill. Professor Hill joins us from Yale University where she recently completed her PhD and post-doctoral research. Hill is an environmental engineer whose work focuses on the characterization, prediction and impact of microbial activity in the natural and human body environments. more

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