UVM CEMS Spire - Fall 2009
A Message from the Dean

Dear alumni, faculty, staff,
students, and friends,

Welcome to the latest issue of Spire, the electronic newsletter for the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS). Begun in 2006, Spire is a fun and engaging way to stay in touch and learn about the exciting things currently going on in CEMS. In Spire, you will learn about new initiatives and accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as upcoming events of interest. This issue contains more video footage and pictures to allow you to better see the exciting research activities and student projects happening in CEMS.

In July, Domenico Grasso stepped down as CEMS dean to begin his new role at UVM as Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College. So, this is also my first issue of Spire as Interim Dean of CEMS, and I am pleased to let you know that the College is off to an excellent start this academic year. We presently have 872 undergraduate students enrolled, a substantial increase over recent years. We are also kicking off new academic programs, including a BS in engineering, a graduate certificate in complex systems, and a new curriculum track in computer science, iCompute.

I invite you to sit back, relax, and peruse the pages of this Spire issue to learn much more about the exciting things going on in CEMS. Enjoy!

Bernard "Chip" Cole, Interim Dean
College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

NASA Funds UVM Reseach for Nanosatellites
Nanosatellites are next-generation miniaturized spacecraft about the size of beach balls. Unlike conventional satellites, which may weigh tons, these spacecraft tip the scales at 20 pounds or less and require unique propulsion and guidance control systems. In September, Professor Darren Hitt and a research team of UVM engineers received a $750,000 grant from NASA to advance the development of this technology.

Partnering with engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) and NASA's Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH), Hitt's team of researchers are designing and microfabricating miniaturized propulsion systems onto silicon chips to generate thrust for the control and positioning of these small satellites. more

Vermont's Beta Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon

Former Dean Domenico Grasso's vision for the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) included an honor society for each of its units. Spurred on by his encouragement, UVM Math Club members Barbara Dewy Abbott, Laura Balzer, and their chair Joan Rosebush (aka Rosi) began the petitioning process to join Pi Mu Epsilon.

Researching club history, compiling accreditation information, making lists upon lists, and sending e-mail after e-mail were the name of the game for these three women for most of the past year. more

Middle and High School Engineering Challenges:
UVM Design TASC/Aiken Challenges

Devices that can harvest apples, kinetic wind sculptures, and video footage will be on exhibit at UVM on Saturday, December 5, 2009 in the tennis court area of the Patrick Gym.

This 2009 UVM Design TASC (Technology And Science Connection), co-sponsored by The Aiken Lecture Series, provides middle and high school students with three engineering challenges: 1) Wind Harvesting for Automated Apple Moving (WHAAM!), 2) creating a Kinetic Wind Sculpture, and/or 3) creating a 30/60 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) video that addresses the issue of wind energy in the Vermont landscape. more

Student Experience in Engineering Design (SEED)
CEMS Seniors take on real-world design projects

View the
2009-10 SEED Projects
Seniors in the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) programs this Fall are taking a combined "capstone" course. The Student Experience in Engineering Design (SEED) challenges students with complex and multidisciplinary problems.

SEED projects involve system development initiatives that engineers undertake in industry. more

Career Services: How You Can Prepare
for a Tough Economy

By Danielle Gallant, M.Ed.,
Career Counselor

One question you may be asking yourself is: how can I prepare for a competitive job market? Below are 5 tips on how to prepare for a challenging economy.

1. Gain experience & self awareness — Many employers express the importance of hands-on experience within the technical or engineering field when looking at candidates for filling a job. We encourage students to review their experiences and become aware of the skills they've gained. more

A Message from the Dean
NASA Funds UVM Reseach for Nanosatellites
Vermont's Beta Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon
Middle and High School Engineering Challenges: UVM Design TASC/Aiken Challenges
SEED - Seniors Take on Real-World Design Projects
Career Services:
How You Can Prepare
for a Tough Economy
Student Researcher
Allison Murphy:
Fish and Stream Health

UVM Student Researcher Strives to Improve
Fish and Stream Health

Video Interview Exclusive:
Stopping the Spread
of Whirling Disease

Notice to recreational boaters and fishermen: Clean your boats and gear!

Stopping the spread of "whirling disease" is the mission of UVM student Allison Murphy, a senior majoring in environmental engineering, Spanish, with a minor in European Studies. Working together with Professors Lori Stevens and Donna Rizzo, Murphy's research hopes to improve the health of trout and salmon. Murphy is one of seven students awarded a Barrett Scholarship for summer research.

It's easier to prevent disease by stopping the spread of infected worms, than to treat fish once they are infected," Murphy says. more


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