UVM Impact Newsletter - January 2013
Coffee with a Scholar

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this lecture from UVM's Distinguished Scholar program!

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The Black
Queen of Hearts:
Gender and "Sticky" Paradigms in Economics

Stephanie Seguino

Emerging Science
on VPT
Traumatic Brain Injury In Sports

In this "webisode," Dr. Kalev Freeman from the University of Vermont's College of Medicine focuses on sports injuries and features a Huntington, Vt., resident whose life has been dramatically altered by a series of concussions.

Strategic Engagement

James M. Jeffords Center

H. Bud Meyers, Ph.D., Director

Senator James M. Jeffords has a long history of public service, protecting the interests of the citizens of Vermont and the American people. Throughout his tenure, Senator Jeffords championed legislation to strengthen our nation's education system, promoted health care quality and patient safety, and was a leading advocate for environmental protection. Upon his retirement in 2006, Senator Jeffords provided UVM with several resources that support engagement with the world of policy. continued

Mark Your Calendar

University Scholars Seminar —
How to Pick, Peel, and Eat Oranges Like an Italian: Recipes for Reading

Cristina Mazzoni, PhD, Romance Languages and Linguistics

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Message from the Dean
Message from the Dean Welcome to the second issue of Impact, the bi-monthly newsletter for the University of Vermont research and graduate college. With the new year, 2013 brings the promise of changes to campus with the goal of enhancing quality and affordability, as outlined by UVM President Thomas Sullivan. His strategic action plan for 2013 includes the optimization of facilities, technology and existing assets. The goal will promote new investments in our existing building facilities, infrastructure and information technologies to prepare for the next generation of students. This means advances in technology and lab space, particularly in engineering, sciences and libraries, enriching UVM's leadership position in the world of research. UVM's priorities specifically include the completion of Billings Library restoration, laboratory restoration and new laboratories for Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and health-related sciences. I invite you to read more about the UVM President's Strategic Action Plan for Enhancing Quality and Affordability.

Other changes you can't see on campus concern new graduate programs in distance education. Starting this month, we will be offering our first fully online graduate program, the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Public Health (CPH). Students can take the entire 18 credits online and complete the program within one year. The CPH is the precursor for UVM's planned Master's in Public Health. Watch for more online developments in graduate education in the fields of health and environment in the coming months.

Go cats!
Domenico Grasso, Dean

Student Voices
Jonathan Maddison MPA, CDAE

The first tree I planted was in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was an undergraduate enrolled in a service learning class taught by the kind of professor you really don't forget. This class helped me realize that I wanted to study community development and... continued
GSS President's Corner:
Gearing Up for Spring Semester

Graduate Student Senate is busy gearing up for spring semester! The executive council used the intersession to regroup from the fall and plan for the spring semester. This spring we will be focusing on three main initiatives... continued

Graduate Program Spotlight
Interdisciplinary Project on Smart Grids —
Technology, Human Behavior and Policy

Why should the U.S. pay tens of billions of dollars to make our grids "smart"? And why are groups across the country organizing to oppose development of smart grids?

The University of Vermont launched a new interdisciplinary project on Smart Grids — Technology, Human Behavior and Policy to address these and related questions. continued

Entrepreneurial Innovation
UVM Start Teams Off to Great Start
UVM Start has completed its first round and is off to a great start!

All 7 student teams were able to raise meaningful amounts of money against their goals and have begun to execute on their plans. In all, UVM Start teams raised an impressive $8,900. Furthermore, each team connected with at least one new mentor from the UVM alumni base.

Here are just two of the projects UVM Start is helping to develop.

Kyle Weidman and his team StacItUp are developing a Nordic ski glove that improves warmth and reduces moisture inside the glove during use. continued

Research Report
New Steam Sterilizer for Research Animal Facility
The Office of Animal Care Management recently was awarded $473,000 from the National Center for Research Resources (a program of the National Institutes of Health). The grant provided for the installation of a large steam sterilizer, or autoclave, and other renovations.

The new autoclave weighs nearly four tons, and was lowered into the facility by means of a large crane. continued

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting to Create
$667 Million Market by 2022

From the Office of Technology Commercialization
Two Vermont companies with ties to UVM are poised to take advantage of the burgeoning market in piezoelectric energy harvesting, a market expected to reach $667 million by 2022.

Piezoelectric energy is a charge that collects in certain materials, such as ceramics or human bone, when that material is subjected to mechanical strain. continued
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