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Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene: the Politics of Peril and Opportunity

Robert Bartlett, Ph.D.
Professor, Department Chair and Gund Chair of Liberal Arts

Research Report

How Climate Change Threatens Mountaintops (and Water)
By Joshua E. Brown

Mountains are far more than rocks. continued

Could an exotic spice from Iran help Vt. farmers?
By Brian MacQuarrie

The greenhouse in the snow by Lake Champlain has holes in its... continued

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Welcome to Spring!

On behalf of Dean Forehand and Vice President Galbraith, welcome to the April 2017 edition of IMPACT, the newsletter of the University of Vermont Graduate College and Office of the Vice President for Research. We hope you enjoy this this issue, and watch for the annual Commencement newsletter in May!

Student Voices
Student Profile: Danielle Davis, NIH Predoctoral Fellow, Psychological Science

Our featured student in the April 2017 issue of IMPACT is Danielle Davis, an NIH Predoctoral Fellow from the Department of Psychological Science in the College of Arts and Sciences at UVM.

IMPACT: Danielle, tell our readers where you are from and what you studied as an undergrad student.

Danielle: I'm from outside of Atlanta, Georgia and went to college at a small liberal arts college, Georgia College & State University. I knew I always wanted to do something with Psychological Science, but it wasn't until... continued

GSS President's Corner
Social Event Spotlight —
Coffee Break

Can scholarship and research even occur without coffee (or tea)?

We may never actually know. But in the meantime, GSS is to the rescue with coffee, tea and bagels at our favorite social event - a Coffee Break!

Our Coffee Break events bring together graduate students from all across campus on a Friday morning for a cup of... continued

Graduate Program Spotlight
Chemistry Ph.D.

STEM Complex
The new research laboratories in the STEM complex will accelerate research discoveries.

The Ph.D. program in chemistry remains one of the larger graduate programs on campus with 40 students typically enrolled.

During their first two years at the University of Vermont, graduate students develop a deep understanding of chemistry through a series of advanced courses offered by chemistry faculty. In later years, graduate students represent the heart of the department's research enterprise and will soon benefit from the cutting-edge facilities in the new STEM complex. continued

Farnham Family Connections

Ardrey Manning counts 11 members of the Farnham family who have attended UVM. They are: Roswell Farnham Jr., Charles Cyrus Farnham (former Alumni Association President), Edward Hall Farnham, Edward Farnham Osgood, Roswell Farnham, Roswell Farnham II, Charles Farnham, Juliette R. Farnham, Molly S. Biskay, Kimerlee Chesarone, and Lane Manning.

Alumni Corner: Lane Manning
B.A., Physics & Applied Mathematics, 2008
Ph.D., Materials Science, 2016
By Joe Cutts
Ardrey Manning had to admit she was a little jealous when she learned where her son Lane's company was sending him for job training. He'd be spending two weeks in Cambridge, England, a place Ardrey fondly remembers from her own two years spent studying there.

Lane Manning originally graduated from UVM in 2008 with a double-major Bachelor of Arts in physics and applied mathematics. He returned for a PhD in Materials Science, graduating last May. During his grad school days, Lane served as president of the Graduate Student Senate for several years and as a student representative on the Board of Trustees Educational Policy and Institutional Resources Committee. Now he's "Dr. Lane Manning" and is plunging into a career in the burgeoning photonics industry, employed by an England-based manufacturer.

But while Lane is the most recent member of his family to earn a UVM degree, he's by no means the first. In fact, Ardrey Manning counts no fewer than 11 members of her family who have attended UVM, dating all the way back to Lane's great-great-great-grandfather, former Vermont Governor Roswell Farnham. continued

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