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Greetings from UVM
Greetings from the UVM Graduate College and the Office of the Vice President for Research.  We hope that you'll take the time to peruse our newsletter and gain a better understanding of graduate education and the research, scholarship and creative works of our faculty and students at UVM.  And of course, don't hesitate to provide story ideas or feedback! 
Student Voices
Featured Student: Quin Gonell, PhD Candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Featured Student
IMPACT:  Quin, tell us where you are from and what you studied as an undergraduate student?

Quin: Although I was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts, both of my parents migrated here in the 70s from the Dominican Republic and settled in Lawrence, which is a town that is heavily populated and even governed by Caribbean immigrants and their descendants. continued
GSS President's Corner:
Keep Up the Momentum!
GSS President's Corner
This semester has been somewhat of a whirlwind! There have been multiple announcements about changes in the senior administration within UVM, and we are happy to report that engagement amongst graduate students is picking up to an all-time high.

The themed pizza and Karaoke events have been a huge success, drawing some of the largest groups of graduate students to date. continued 
UVM Postdoctoral Association:  The Importance of Mentorship
Ever been stuck driving on the inside of a rotary or roundabout and had to go around again?

The post doc phase, as depicted in the illustration by Tom Dunne, is analogous in many ways.  continued
Graduate Program Spotlight
Physics at UVM
Physics is the most fundamental natural science and a core discipline within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) research and education. It lies at the heart of all natural science, technology and engineering.
Featured Program: Physics
Our History

Back in 1974, the UVM PhD program in physics was discontinued under unfortunate circumstances and financial pressures, leaving only the graduate Masters program, which resulted in the overall deterioration of physics research and graduate education at the University. continued
Alumni Corner: Dr. Andy Reagan
PhD, Applied Mathematics (2017)
MS, Applied Mathematics (2013)
Our featured alumnus in this issue of IMPACT is Dr. Andy Reagan, who now works with the Data Science Team at MassMutual. Dr. Reagan received both his master’s and doctoral degrees at UVM and, while at UVM, was strongly affiliated with the Complex Systems faculty and the Computational Story Lab.
Alumni Corner: Dr. Andy Reagan
IMPACT: Andy, you’re a graduate of the UVM Graduate College, earning your master’s and doctoral degrees here. But leading up to that, where did you do your undergraduate studies and what were some of the highlights?

ANDY:  I spent my undergraduate years exploring the hills and back roads of Blacksburg, Virginia, while pursuing engineering and math degrees at Virginia Tech. continued
Research Report
Ricketts, Cushman, Tracy, Page Named to List of World’s Most Influential Researchers
UVM’s Ricketts, Cushman, Tracy, Page Named to List of World’s Most Influential Researchers
Four University of Vermont faculty, including a dean at the university, have been named to a list of the world’s most impactful researchers, based on the number of times their published studies have been cited by other researchers over the past decade. Researchers on the list are in the top 1 percent of all scholars whose work has been cited by others. The prestigious Highly Cited Researchers list is compiled and published annually by Clarivate Analytics.  continued
$12.3 Million NIH Grant Establishes Translational Global Infectious Disease Research Center at UVM
Research Report: $12.3 Million NIH Grant Establishes Translational Global Infectious Disease Research Center at UVM
Leaders at the University of Vermont and Larner College of Medicine announced $12.3 million in funding for a new Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) called the "Translational Global Infectious Disease Research Center" (TGIR) that will join together two traditionally distinct groups of scientists to develop innovative approaches to prevent and control infectious disease. continued
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