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On behalf of Dean Cindy Forehand and Vice President for Research Richard Galbraith, please enjoy the May 2019 issue of IMPACT! With profiles, research, and more, we hope this issue satisfies your appetite for the latest news from the Graduate College and Research Office at the University of Vermont. 
Student Voices
Alumni Corner: 
Madeline Brumberg and
Aditi Datta
Alumni Corner
We have a very special "Alumni Corner" in this issue of IMPACT. We caught up with recent graduates of the UVM Sustainable Innovation MBA (recently named the #1 Best Green MBA by the Princeton Review) Aditi Datta and Madeline Brumberg, both of whom leveraged their graduate work into internships with Vermont Works (a socially responsible venture capital fund), followed by careers with the Vermont Works initiative called the Vermont Innovation Commons. Aditi is the Director of Community Engagement, and Madeline is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Vermont Innovation Commonscontinued
GSS President's Corner: 
Pre-Summer Momentum
GSS President's Corner
There is sun outside and the snow is gone… Spring has sprung and summer is almost here! May is a beautiful time of the year and also crunch time for faculty and students in higher education. Graduate students are finishing up what was a great and productive year, and from the call for new senators to committees finishing last-minute initiatives and programming, Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is going to ride this momentum right into the summer.
This year we have made headway on multiple initiatives including housing, paternity leave, mental health issues and getting graduate students to branch out and become more involved. In fact, after our first call for senators for next year, we already have... continued
2019 University Scholars
2019 - 2020 University Scholars
UVM values research and scholarship highly, and its faculty is continually engaged in the generation of important new knowledge. The University Scholar Awards program recognizes outstanding faculty each year for sustained excellence in research and scholarly pursuits.
Each year, up to two scholars in basic and applied science and scholars in the social sciences, humanities, and creative arts are chosen by a faculty panel. Here are the 2019-20 University Scholars, the 39th class of scholars in the history of the program. These four individuals were celebrated at the installation ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2019. continued
UVM Postdoctoral Association: Postdoc Research Showcase
The mission of the UVM Postdoctoral Association (UVM PDA) is to facilitate professional development, broaden the training experience, and foster a vibrant, open, and collaborative community for all Postdoctoral Scholars at UVM.
Postdoc Research Showcase
The PDA recently hosted a Postdoc Research Showcase, where postdocs were encouraged to present a poster they had given at an international, regional, or local meeting in the last year. This was our second Postdoc Research Showcase event, and it was as successful as our first! We had 13 posters presented representing...  continued
Graduate Program Spotlight
Sustainable Innovation MBA: 
UVM Takes Home First Place at Investment Competition
Featured Program: Sustainable Innovation MBA
Down in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, five students from UVM's Sustainable Innovation MBA program harnessed their inner Rocky Balboas as they took on some of the country's top business schools at the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge finals on May 1–2. The team beat out 25 other teams from schools like... continued
Featured Student: Collin Cappelle
PhD Candidate, Complex Systems (2019)
Our featured student in this issue of IMPACT is Collin Cappelle, a doctoral candidate in UVM's Complex Systems PhD program. He took a moment out from his busy schedule to give us a brief update on his time at UVM.
Featured Student: Collin Cappelle
COLLIN: I went UVM for my undergraduate studies. While I was an undergraduate, I was a member of the Men's Club Volleyball team and a section editor for the Water Tower (the school's alternative newsmagazine). I graduated with a double-major B.S in Computer Science and B.S. in Mathematics in 2015. continued
UVM News
Highest Honors:  Celebrating Mark Nelson's Election to the National Academy of Sciences
Highest Honors: Celebrating Mark Nelson’s election to the National Academy of Sciences
On a lunchtime run, colleagues and researchers Mark Nelson and David Warshaw head down Spear Street. It's a ritual the pair has kept nearly every work day since 1995. It's more than just a daily workout. It's a grant-writing workshop, staffing discussion, and science seminar. And as anyone who has run in Burlington knows, it’s a whole lot of hills... continued
Bouton, Escaja, Tracy
Named 2019 University Distinguished Professors
Bouton, Escaja, Tracy Named 2019 University Distinguished Professors
The University of Vermont has announced three new recipients of its Distinguished Professor Award, the highest academic honor that the university can bestow on a faculty member. University Distinguished Professors are recognized as having achieved international eminence within their respective fields of study and for the truly transformative nature of their contributions to the advancement of knowledge. continued
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