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UVM Impact Newsletter, February 2020 Edition
On behalf of Dean Cindy Forehand and Vice President for Research Richard Galbraith, please enjoy the February 2020 issue of IMPACT! With profiles, research, and more, we hope this issue satisfies your appetite for the latest news from the Graduate College and Research Office at the University of Vermont. 
Student Voices
Featured Student: 
Mae Kate Campbell, Geology
Featured Student:  Mae Kate Campbell, Geology
Mae Kate Campbell is a Master's candidate in the Geology program within the College of Arts and Sciences.

IMPACT:  Mae Kate, tell our readers where you are from and what you studied as an undergraduate student?

MKC: I grew up in Annapolis, MD, near the Chesapeake Bay. Even as a little kid I always loved rocks and joked that I would be a geologist someday. 
GSS President's Corner:
Graduate Student Berke Tinaz
Graduate Student Berke Tinaz Selected to Serve as Student Trustee
In late January, Berke Tinaz was appointed by the Selection Committee to serve as the 2020-2022 Student Trustee. The Student Trustee position is the highest student leadership role at the university and is a two-year, full voting member of the Board of Trustees. Up until Berke's appointment, it had been 10 years since a graduate student was selected to serve the university in this capacity.  continued
Coffee with a Scholar
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this lecture from UVM's Distinguished Scholar program!

"The Image of Disaster:
Spaces of Suffering, Times of Hope, Acts of Imagination"
Coffee with a Scholar
Adrian Ivakhiv, Ph.D.
Steven Rubenstein Professor of Environmental and Natural Resources;
Professor of Environmental Thought and Culture
Watch Now
Postdoctoral Association
Holiday Party and Event Planning for Spring and Summer
PDA Holiday Party
The UVM Postdoctoral Association (PDA) has been enjoying the winter season here in Vermont, and we hope you have too! This winter we hosted the annual PDA holiday party, celebrating the season and all of UVM's wonderful postdocs.   
Alumni Corner: Otto Berkes G'89
MS, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Mr. Berkes has worked at a number of high-profile companies including Microsoft (where he was a founder of the Xbox), HBO, CA Technologies, and is currently the CEO of Acendre, Inc., a software company specializing in recruiting and talent management technologies. He is also the recipient of an Emmy award and the Edward R. Murrow Award, and is a member of UVM's Board of Trustees.
Otto Berkes
IMPACT:  Otto, tell our readers where you grew up, what you were interested in as you grew up, and where you went to school for your undergraduate degree.

Otto: I grew up in a bunch of different places. I was born in Hungary, and my family defected to Austria when I was five to escape the authoritarian regimes of the Soviet Bloc.  continued
Graduate Program Spotlight: 
Celebrating Diversity in Research
By Dr. Kelly Rohan, Department of Psychological Science
Program Spotlight: Celebrating Diversity in Research
As noted on National Institutes of Health (NIH) websites, new investigator/researchers are the innovators of the future who bring fresh ideas and technologies to existing problems. And research shows that more diverse teams that capitalize on innovative ideas and distinct perspectives outperform less diverse teams.  
Research Report
Living Robots Create
Global Media Splash
Living Robots Create Global Media Splash
New creatures, called "xenobots" were designed on a supercomputer at UVM by professor of computer science Joshua Bongard and his graduate student Sam Kriegman.  
In Cuba, Cleaner Rivers Follow Greener Farming
In Cuba, Cleaner Rivers Follow Greener Farming
When the Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 1990s, food production on the island of Cuba was reduced—as the supply of Russian fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, and oil dried up. 
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