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UVM Impact Newsletter
Spring Greetings from UVM
UVM alumni, faculty, students, and friends,

We hope you enjoy the May 2020 issue of IMPACT.  We would also like to welcome our new Vice President Kirk Dombrowski; you can read more about him here.  On behalf of Kirk and Graduate College Dean Cindy Forehand, we hope you enjoy reading about the exciting events in graduate education and research at UVM.

Student Voices
Featured Students: 2019–2020 Graduate Teaching Assistants of the Year 
Featured Students: Teaching Assistants of the Year
Bijay K C and Patrick Mullins
The University of Vermont Graduate College is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019-2020 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) of the Year Awards. continued
GSS President's Corner:
2020-2021 Executive Council
GSS President's Corner
As the semester comes to a close, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) has elected a new Executive Council to continue the work that graduate students have made progress on. Meet the 2020-2021 GSS Executive Council, below. We look forward to all of their accomplishments to come in the next academic year. continued
Coffee with a Scholar
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this lecture from UVM's Distinguished Scholar program!
Coffee with a Scholar

"Understanding Racial Disparities in Stroke in the United States"

Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc.
Larner College of Medicine
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UVM Postdoctoral Association:
Facing the Challenge of Current Circumstances 
"The mission of the UVM Postdoctoral Association (UVM PDA) is to facilitate professional development, broaden the training experience, and foster a vibrant, open, and collaborative community for all Postdoctoral Scholars at UVM."

The unprecedented and tremendous impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives and livelihoods of so many around the world. From across the globe to here in Vermont, academic research is also likely to be permanently impacted by current events. In the face of COVID-19 — the uncertainty, stress, and unfathomable tragedy for many — the UVM community has stood strong and accepted the challenges that we have been presented with. continued
Alumni Corner: Michael W. Lane
MBA (1997)
BSEE, Biomedical Engineering (1991)
Alumni Corner: Michael Lane
Our featured alumnus in this issue of IMPACT is Michael (Mike) W. Lane, Director of UVM's Instrumentation and Technical Services (ITS) program. Mike and his colleagues have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 healthcare response and challenges. continued
Vermont Team Invents Emergency Ventilator
Vermont Team Invents Emergency Ventilator
Over the last three weeks, a team of scientists, engineers and doctors at the University of Vermont have developed a new design—and built a working model—for a simple, inexpensive ventilator.  continued
Research Report
Alumnus Leads Army Engineers Creating Field Hospitals
Research Report: Alumnus Leads Army Engineers Creating Field Hospitals
From New York City's Javits Center to Detroit's TCF Center to Chicago's McCormick Place, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is leading efforts to convert public spaces into emergency field hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. A UVM alumnus, Lieutenant General Todd Semonite G'88, guides this vital work as Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the USACE. A native of Bellows Falls, Vt., Semonite earned his master's in civil engineering from UVM, after completing his undergraduate degree in engineering at the U.S. Military Academy. continued
The Pursuit of Knowledge: 
A Celebration of Student Research
Research Report: The Pursuit of Knowledge
For students at the University of Vermont, knowledge knows no bounds. Near or far from campus, they study everything from the most complex micro-ecosystems on the planet to the biggest threats to democracy today; they're engaged year-round, day and night, all in pursuit of knowledge. As this academic year enters its final stretch, we take a look at some of the most exciting research projects UVM students have worked on this year. continued
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