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UVM Impact Newsletter, November 2019 Edition
Welcome to the November 2019 issue of IMPACT.  We appreciate this opportunity to share stories about UVM's graduate education and research enterprise, and we are very pleased to introduce  you to UVM's 27th president, Dr. Suresh Garimella.  IMPACT will be back with another issue in January, and on behalf of Dean Cindy Forehand and Vice President Richard Galbraith, we hope you have a safe and restful holiday season.
A Life of Learning
A profile of Suresh Garimella, UVM's 27th president
A Life of Learning
Granted, stating that a university president is pro-education might be filed under things we could really just assume. Right? But listen to Suresh Garimella at a public event or talk with him in conversation, and you sense a critical shade of difference—gratitude for education's impact on his life is core to his character.  continued
Student Voices
Featured Student: 
Avery Rasmussen, Online Master of Public Health
Featured Student: Avery Rasmussen
IMPACT:  Avery, tell our readers where you are from originally and what you studied as an undergraduate student.   
Avery:  I'm originally from a small town about 20 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I always knew I wanted to leave Minnesota to explore another region of the country for college. Seeing as Vermont is basically Minnesota with mountains, I figured...   continued
GSS President's Corner:
Two Nights of Cultural Celebration at UVM
GSS President's Corner
This fall, the Graduate Student Senate sponsored two wonderful events. On October 11, the Nepali Student Association (NSA) hosted UVM Dashain Night, which showcased music and musical instruments from diverse Nepali cultural communities. On October 27, the Indian Student Association (ISA) hosted its 13th annual Diwali Night, a fun-filled evening of music and dance performances...    continued
Postdoctoral Association
Social Hour and UVM Homecoming Weekend
Since our last major event "Mentorship and Communication Skills" in September, we have so much more to report to the UVM community.

Our October social hour was a success! We have some new postdocs at UVM and our social hour provided the perfect opportunity to get to know them. We had a great time at Brennan's Pub, where we came together as a community to... continued
Alumni Corner: Maria Dykema Erb
Master of Education (M.Ed.), Interdisciplinary Studies
Maria Dykema Erb
IMPACTMaria, tell us where you grew up, and where you went to school for your undergraduate degree.

Maria:  I was born in Masan City, South Korea, and was adopted at 10 months old and began my life in the United States as a Vermonter. I had the privilege of growing up on a... continued
Graduate Program Spotlight: 
Master of Arts in History
Program Spotlight
The UVM History Department is home to a small, selective Master of Arts (MA) program distinguished for its intellectual rigor and for its support of students' individual curricular and career goals. Our faculty are both active scholars and... 
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